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When it comes to property investment in the Klang Valley, Ampang area is definitely not considered by many as a ‘hot spot’ or popular location. Please be mindful that I am not talking about the embassy rows of Jalan Ampang here, but the ‘Kampung Baru Ampang’ area which is famous for its Yong Tao Fu and Hakka community!

‘Ampang Saujana’ is located near the famous look-up point in Ampang also known as ‘Little Genting’.  Ampang Saujana is an interesting proposition that many people have overlooked and possibly regretted now. The first landed house project by TJB was launched about 8 years ago and the launching price of terrace house was only about RM250,000, now the sub-sale price has sky-rocketed to RM750,000 – RM850,000!

Ampang Saujana’s main target market is for the residents who grew up in the area and their families have been staying there for years. From the first impression, many people will argue that Ampang Saujana is ‘too far’ up in the mountain area and only those retired people would stay there.


Ampang Saujana is beautifully nested around the Hulu Langat forests reserves. The major benefit of staying here is your family can enjoy cool and refreshing air and beautiful mountain views especially in the morning. Health is something money cannot really buy and this area I think can offer this invaluable benefits to the residents.

Talking about the distance, it’s actually not ‘too far’ away from Kuala Lumpur. By taking the AKLEH highway, you can reach KLCC in 30 minutes and within a mere 15km distance.

Using Waze or GPS, you should enter something like “Jalan Saujana 7” in order to reach to Ampang Saujana terrace house area.

Every place has its pros and cons. The house is just 20 x 60 in dimension and 1,800 sf. I would consider this as small terrace house which is more suitable for really small families. If you have deep pocket, you may consider the Semi-D which is still available for sale with starting price of RM1.6million.

Even though you can enjoy the fresh air offered by the forest reserves around, the air quality of the area is often affected by regular open burning and the buses in the area. This is a caveat that I can give to you. If you don’t mind such open burning occasionally then Ampang Saujana is worth your consideration for your residency needs.

Property Details

Intermediate Terrace House

– Dimension: 22×60
– Built-up: 1,800 sf
– Bedrooms: 4
– Bathrooms: 3
– Developer price: Starting RM839,000


– Dimension: 40×80
– Built-up: 3,628 sf
– Bedrooms: 4
– Bathrooms: 4
– Developer price: Starting RM1.6m

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  1. A very good review. I have recently visited the Ampang Saujana new phase gated and guarded area. Very well maintained landscape with beautiful hill scenery, good quality built by the developer and the security is very tight. Personally I like residential area which gives a very homely feeling. I agree with you of the cons of this area you brought up esp the point that it’s surrounded by kampung and low cost houses. However, the two major highways which exits are just outside Ampang Sauajana: EKVE (under construction since 2015) and SUKE (scheduled to start next year despite various protests) will drastically change the accessibility to Ampang Saujana. The hard truth is it’s not easy to get landed properties at this price like Ampang Saujana which is just within 12km radius to KLCC.

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