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Property Review of Sierra 6 Super Link House

“Puchong South” has been gaining increasingly attentions for the past 2-3 years.  One of the brightest stars in the area has to be 16 Sierra, a privileged and beautiful township development project by notable developer IOI Properties.


For those who have not been to 16 Sierra before, I recommend you to visit the township during your free time in the weekend. It’s easy nowadays by just putting the address in the mobile GPS app and it will guide your there effortlessly. If you are travelling from the old Serdang area, entering 16 Sierra area will definitely give you a big contrast feeling!


16 Sierra is no doubt one of the most beautifully developed townships in Malaysia that I have seen.  It’s well organized with wide roads decorated with greenery, coming home every day to 16 Sierra will be a desirable and relaxing experience.

I have personally bought a landed house project called Lyden (or Sierra 2) in 16 Sierra for investment purpose at the end of 2013. The price that I paid for was RM869, 000. I eventually sold this 22×85 intermediate units for over 1 million after 1 year of owning it and earned my very first tangible profit in the adventure of property investment!

In this blog, I’d like to talk about a new project within the 16 Sierra called Sierra 6. Sierra 6 is one of the latest 2 and 3-storey superlink house projects.

First Impression

From the first look, Sierra 6 has a very modern design as compared to the conventional landed house designs. You might have an impression that it is a Semi-D but look closely, you will find that it is just a link house with Semi-D look and feel. The starting price for the 2-storey is RM1.1m and for the 3-storey one is RM1.4m. The size is 27×73, with total built-up area starting from 3,526 sf.

Inside the House

Talking about built quality, you can rest assure that IOI won’t disappoint. The ceiling height is good with 11ft on the ground floor and 10ft for other floors. It’s basically a renovation free unit and you can move in by just do some painting, kitchen cabinet installation, plaster ceiling and down lights installation. Nonetheless, the kitchen is quite small for me and because it’s strata title, you can’t extend the kitchen any further!


Take a look at the back of the house, you will find that the design is very unique with ‘cluster style’ linkage. Some buyers might find this annoying because the walkway at the back is not so wide, and your house is very close to the houses at the back. There could be a ventilation issue when you neighbor at the back cooks some big meals.

Master Bed Room

The ‘Hotel Feel’ bathroom has to be the central of attention of this house. I like the huge bath room of Sierra 6 with a built in bath tub and shower rain.  There’s nothing more important than having a good shower after coming home from a tired workday.

Maintenance Fee

This project is of Strata title, so the home buyers will need to pay for the maintenance for about RM200 ++ a month mandatorily. You can’t do major renovation to the property and paint a different color to your likings on the facade. For home buyers who appreciate the current original external designs and do not wish your neighbors to tear down their house and renovate massively, then Sierra 6 could be a good choice for you.


I would recommend readers to buy this property for own-stay purpose. Think about it, you will not be willing to rent out this beauty to students or tenants who cannot guarantee they will look after your house properly. Bear in mind, the potential tenants in this areas are students from surrounding Universities and Colleges and these tenants usually do not take care the house.

Before deciding to buy Sierra 6, which is a leasehold property, you may have to think about that with the same price range, you could be owning a Semi-D in other locations with large private garden area for your friends and families to enjoy BBQ and parties occasionally.

The capital appreciation would probably be slow due to current market sentiment, unless you are cash rich and have the holding power to buy this ‘for fun’. But coming home to this beauty is definitely a desirable thing to do every evening. It is also enjoyable to stay in 16 Sierra areas in the weekend, and bring your family for first class shopping experience in the new and near-by IOI City Mall.

Future Potentials

16 Sierra has been confirmed as MRT Line 2 station location in the southern region in between Serdang and Putrajaya. Home buyers can rest assure that the future development of Puchong South is bright and remained vibrant for years to come. The newly operated MEX interchange also has bestowed Puchong South area an excellent advantage to continuously evolve and develop its future potentials.

By James Chow

16 Sierra Video by IOI Properties




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