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Let’s face it, most Malaysians love landed property. Unfortunately, the escalated house price prevents people from owning their dream home. Then the clever developers thought of a hybrid way to combine apartment and terrace house to give birth to a new breed called Townhouse!

The affordability of townhouse and its terrace house appearance has somehow set their foot in this niche market to attract especially young buyers who are aiming for modern looking houses. In fact, many young local homebuyers possess the mentality of ‘better than condo’ towards the new breed of townhouse and here’s come the harvesting of developers.

N’Dira Townhouse (also known as Sierra 12) is the latest townhouse project by IOI Properties in 16 Sierra Puchong South. First, let’s talk about affordability, with starting price of about RM730,000, I certainly don’t consider it as ‘affordable’ for most young Malaysians, but perhaps with combined incomes, young couples will be able to own this dream house of their own.

Modern Facade Design

For those who appreciate modern house design with similar lifestyle offered by land property, then N’Dira townhouse could be in your choice list. I praise the Semi-D like facade design of N’Dira and it is pleasantly presentable. Home owners won’t lose face when their friends visit their house.

Inside the Show House

There are 2 types (Type A & Type B) with either upper or lower units to choose from. I prefer the Type A one but the price will be more costly because the built-up is slightly larger. When you enter the main door of Type B lower unit, you will be first greeted by your kitchen sink which I think this design is more common for western countries. I can foresee a high quality kitchen ventilation system is mandatory for N’Dira to keep your floor oil free.

Other than that, starting from 2,099 sf and high ceiling design is large enough for small families and nothing much to complain about. I also noticed the show houses are facing a decent size public garden at the back of the house.


Wide Outdoor Space

There are couple more good things I’d like to mention about N’Dira. I like the lot size which is 27’x73’ and this is very crucial for the home owners to enjoy the extra privacy and spacious feeling.

Secondly, by looking at the actual live photos, you will get to see there are lots of outdoor space! IOI has learned their lesson from their previous Sierra 2 or Lyden project which they find it difficult to sell all their Semi-Ds because of lack of outdoor space and the inner roads are too narrow.

The themed garden for N’Dira is called ‘Spring Garden’. It looks quite beautiful and spacious from the brochure and I think this themed garden would be much nicer than the other Sierra projects in the 16 Sierra township. I was very disappointed in fact by the other so-called themed gardens in the 16 Sierra because the sizes are just simply pathetic.


Ok, here’s come the tough part. No matter how good N’Dira is, we cannot ignore the fact that it’s still a townhouse. If you are upgrading from apartment or normal condominium, then I see no problem for you guys to choose N’Dira townhouse. For those who are used to and prefer terrace house privacy and lifestyles, you might want to consider buying a sub-sales terrace house if your budget is tight.

Overall, I’d like to praise IOI Properties for finally, finally and finally realize the importance of outdoor space and put this into practice for N’Dira Townhouse project. However, I would personally prefer IOI to build more affordable terrace house in 16 Sierra and I don’t mind the size is 20’x70’ as long as it is individual title and I get to park my 2 cars in private car porch without the inconvenience of back-to-back parking.

By James Chow

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