Top 5 reasons why you should purchase Malay Reserve Land property

The property prices in Malaysia have become unaffordable over the years for genuine house buyers caused by speculators’ flipping, inflations and other regional factors. Bumiputras often have perceptions that Malay Reserve Land property is hard to gain good return because of its limited markets to bumiputras or Malay only. However, in today’s housing market, experts’ advice that there are actually many benefits of buying Malay Reserve Land real estates and buyers should not sideline this important choice.

Here we list down top 5 reasons why Malay house buyers should own Malay Reserve Land property:
1) Cheaper and more affordable price 

The land cost for Malay Reserve Land is cheaper, making the final property pricing very
competitive and about 20-30% lower compared to similar properties in surrounding areas. For genuine Malay house buyers, you should seriously consider shopping for Malay Reserve Land property because of its affordable price tags. Cheaper price also means higher return and values for your investment in the long term.

2) Perfect for own stay purpose

The price of Malay Reserve Land property is cheaper but it doesn’t mean it has inferior quality. It has same standard of building quality as well as impressive designs, facilities and many practical layout choices for your house buying requirements. If you buy from award winning developers, you can rest assured that there is no compromise on the house quality for your money, and therefore the property is perfect for own stay purpose.

3) Rental rate is based on market rate

House owners of Malay Reserve Land can fetch same rental yield in the rental market and the return is higher because of cheaper house price in neighbouring area. So it makes sense for Malay house buyer to consider this option because you can rent to anyone regardless their race.

4) Prime Location

There has been many Malay Reserve Land since the 1980’s. There has not been a drop in value for these lands over the years because many of the lands are in the prime location such as TTDI. So, Malay Reserve Land doesn’t mean it is located in remote area. Living in the prime location also can guarantee the quality of life for your family.

5) Good to keep for future generation

Purchase a Malay Reserve Land property from a reputable developer is very important to ensure to get the vacant procession on schedule and with high finishing quality. You can keep this house for long term and pass it onto your children as long term investment.

In conclusion, genuine Malay home buyers should seriously look into Malay Reserve Land properties in the market and if you have further questions, why not make appointments with developer’s team to understand more about Malay Reserve Land property?

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