5 Stars Hotels in Kuala Lumpur Prime Locations for Sale 吉隆坡五星级酒店销售

Propchat Malaysia has genuine listings of premium hotels for sale in Kuala Lumpur. Prime Locations!

Below are real listings:

1. XXXXX Villa 5 Stars hotel RM240 million
2. XXXXX Prime Location 6 Stars hotel RM1.5 billion
3. XXXXX Inn 4 stars hotel RM345 million
4. XXXXX XXXX hotel 5 stars RM600 million
5. XXXXX SXXX hotel 4 stars RMXXX million
6. Hotel XXXX 4 stars RM230 million

Only serious and qualified buyers need to contact us. General Inquiry will not be replied. 

Please tell us why you are qualified to buy hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you!



Propchat Malaysia在吉隆坡有优质酒店的销售清单。 主要地点!


1. XXXXX别墅5星级酒店RM240万
2. XXXXX Prime位置6星级酒店15亿令吉
3. XXXXX Inn 4星级酒店3.45亿令吉
4. XXXXX XXXX酒店5星级6亿令吉
6. XXXX酒店4星级RM230万


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