Key Handover for Boulevard 28 Pandan Perdana

This month June 2019 is the big days for key handovers for Boulevard 28 in Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.  Congratulations to all the new home owners. There are few photos to share for the lobby design and facilities.

Well done to the developer because the build quality is not bad at all with some impressive and above average renovation.

We have got the chance to visit the newly completed Boulevard 28 and have taken some photos to share with Propchat readers.

What do you think about this property? Share your thoughts to us. If you are the owner of Boulevard 28, please share your experience with us too.

Hopefully the quality of the coming neighborhood communities will be good so that residents who stay here will get to enjoy their new homes to the fullest. All the best and enjoy!

Blog by James Chow,

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