Will Malaysia Property Price Continues to Increase?


A famous Chinese proverb says “A book holds a house of gold”, which means knowledge is very important for financial gain. When property price was ridiculously cheap about 10 years ago, many people missed the boat because of lack of property investment knowledge. In past 10 years, Malaysia property market gradually entered the price escalation […]

Should you pay off the home loan or put your cash in FD?


Target readers: All Investors;  Income Group: Average – Above Average In life we have many options and decision to make and it’s the same for our adventure in property investment. When we make some good money from property investment, often time we have few options to explore and need to make a final decision with […]

5 hottest integrated property projects in Klang Valley


The heat wave of property investment and speculation reached all-time high in 2013 and property prices were escalating rapidly. Malaysian government implemented series of cooling measure in Budget 2014 with the removal of DIBS and raising the RPGT to curd the speculative activities. The cooling measure has been quite successful in controlling the property price […]

The Golden Rule of Buying Condominium for Investment


The traditional and golden rule of property investment “Location, Location, Location” is still applicable today even though many experts have tried to come out other version of advice. Without the blessing of good location for your property, you probably wouldn’t go far in your adventure in property investment. This is especially important if you are […]

Why 1 Shamelin shopping mall fails to take off?


1 Shamelin shopping mall was an ‘ambitious’ project by the developer to make it the first one of its kind mall in Malaysia which is affordable for young entrepreneurs to invest and embark their retail businesses. The mall was officially opened in 2011 and started with anchor tenants like TGV Cinema, Old Town, Wong Kok […]

N’DIRA Townhouse @ 16 Sierra

Blog Review

Let’s face it, most Malaysians love landed property. Unfortunately, the escalated house price prevents people from owning their dream home. Then the clever developers thought of a hybrid way to combine apartment and terrace house to give birth to a new breed called Townhouse! The affordability of townhouse and its terrace house appearance has somehow […]